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Joining the

North Star Community Band

We want you...

Our next rehearsal is...

How to get in touch with us

We want you... to join us!

We have established several very "strict" rules for joining the North Star Community Band. They are:

You must have a pulse.

You must enjoy music.

You must play well with others.

NO grinches or grouches allowed!

The bandroom is getting a little tight for us - we don't have enough space for good people, good music, and egos. Please leave egos on the table outside the bandroom!

Be prepared to practice a little.

Make a commitment to come to rehearsals.

Your music must be at every rehearsal, even if you aren't (we have several ways of accomplishing this, so it isn't quite as hard as it sounds).

When in doubt, follow the "Madge and Erma" Rule: If you can't quite hit all the notes in a measure, play 1 and 3 and fill in from there!

Faye feels very strongly that we owe ourselves, the audience who comes to hear us and the music our best effort. There is always room for you if you are willing to put forth your best effort. You will find it easiest to fit in if you have had previous concert band experience, but no auditions are required. If you want to, contact us and let us know you're coming (click here for more information). Otherwise, feel free to join us for a Tuesday evening rehearsal. Faye will introduce you to the rest of the band the first time you come, but that is about as formal as we get.

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Our Next Rehearsal is...

Rehearsals are every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Oak Park High School band room. Faye would very much like everyone to try and get there by 7:15 p.m. so we can all be warmed up for the downbeat.

Oak Park High School is located at 79th Terrace and N. Oak Trafficway (the high school is east of N. Oak Trafficway and the intersection has a stoplight). The band room is on the west side of the school, so if you are coming from N. Oak Trafficway, turn right into the first driveway associated with the school and park there. There is generally sufficient parking, however occassional school functions might make things tight. There is parking available on the east side of the school, as well as in front of the school if needed.  For more explicit directions, please go to mapquest.com.  

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