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Can't wait for summer? One too many Spring Hail storms and Tornado warnings? Well - Gladstone Theatre in the Park together, Ibsen's Dance Theatre and the North Star Community Band have a bright idea for you... Imagine this - It's a warm (but comfortable) summer night - the grass is green, a gentle breeze is rustling the leaves in the trees above you... You've brought a picnic to Oak Grove Park in Gladstone... In front of you is the Ampitheater. Your attention is rivted to the stage, where some of the city's most talented actors/actresses/musicians/dancers are performing in:

Anything Goes Oklahoma

    Remember -  Gladstone Theatre in the Park is the only free theatre in the park in the Kansas City area, thanks both to the actors, musicians, and other individuals who participate in these productions as volunteers and members of the audience who make donations to defray what costs there are in producing these shows (major costs include the stage design and the rental fees for the music/script). 

 Do you need directions to Oak Grove Park?  Click here to go to for "door-to-park" directions!  The park is at the intersection of 76th and N. Troost in Gladstone MO.