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The North Star Band

Who are the North Stars?

The North Star Community Band was founded in 1988 by conductor/music director Faye Rader in cooperation with Antioch Music Center. Their goals were (and are) simple: to provide volunteer adult musicians with a place to keep and develop their musical skills and to provide a place to pass those skills on to the next generation. The first public performance by the band occurred on October 2, 1988 (less than one month after the band's first rehearsal- see picture, below). In 1989, members of the band began providing the instrumental music for the summer musicals presented in cooperation with the Ibsen Dance Theatre and the City of Gladstone.  In September of 1992, the band moved to its current home of Oak Park High School (because other local stages were simply too small!) and on December 10, 1993, the band gave its 100th public performance.

GladFest 1989 - the first concert

The last couple of years were particularly noteworthy for the band.  The North Star Community Band was invited to participate in the Brandom Concert Series presented by Hillside Christian Church,  in which the band accompanied pianist Paul Erickson in George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.   To add yet another feather to the band's cap, the band also played the opening concert for the Missouri Band Masters Association Meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.  Add to that the Fourth of July Concerts  and the 2001 Theatre in the Park Season (which presented The Wizard of Oz (July) and Brigadoon (August) and you have a very busy and productive year for the Band.  Click to learn more about these Theatre in the Park productions.   Just in case that wasn't enough, The Mid-America Music Association holds a summer Music Festival rotating between Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO and Omaha, NE every July/August. For the last three years (2004 marks the fourth), members of the band have entered as "Adult Hobbyists" and earned Superior ratings each and every time! The Tuba Quartet and a Clarinet soloist received special recognition when they were asked to play to an audience of 500 people at the "Outstanding Performances" Recital  in back-to-back Festivals.

Clarinet players practice!

Members of the clarinet section work through some of the tougher parts in a sectional prior to a rehearsal.  

As the band completes the 2005/2005 season, it boasts 60 - 70 members, ranging in age from teenagers to retirees. The band is entirely volunteer, ranging in skill level from people who are picking up their instruments for the first time in 20 years (the record is 45 years, held by a recent french horn player!!!) to individuals who have degrees in music or were professional musicians (we have lots of school band directors!).   Whether your instrument needs dusting off or is in mint condition, if you want to make music with us, please click to learn more about joining the North Star Community Band.  

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